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The Exchange Mastering Studios
The Exchange Studios

The Exchange has three large mastering studios with natural daylight. All three studios have custom built desks with simple analogue and digital signal paths, connections are made using Audioquest pure silver cables. Our outboard equipment includes EAR, Pultec, SPL, DAV, Sontec and Maselec. We also have a pair of very large extremely rare EMI 'Curve Bender' EQ's from 1961. Monitoring is by Tannoy and Holliman. Each studio has a Sadie workstation and Neumann VMS 70/80 disc cutting lathe. Studio 3 has an additional Scully lathe and Westrex mono 2B/stereo 3D system. All master formats are supported including Studer A80 ½ inch and ¼ inch (MkI & MkII) analogue machines. Data files can also be sent to us (and mastered material returned to you), safely via the internet. We also have a fully equipped transcription and editing suite that offers Sadie 5 editing, digital processing, creation of production parts and transfers of all formats. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to telephone or email.

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